22 May 2018

Toilet Trowels

I have posted on this shitty subject before. However, Helinox in Australia now distributes the Deuce Toilet Trowel.

You can check it out and order here - https://www.helinox.com.au/the-deuce

For the last few years, I have used the QiWiz (Chee-Wiz). More details at this link:


We all agree, exposed toilet paper and poo is a 'no-go' in the woods (or on the back lawn for that matter - lol). Let's all do our bit and bury waste properly!

12 May 2018

Exofficio Briefs

Exofficio have been a leading brand for hiking underwear in the US for years.

I am a firm supporter and user of the IceBreaker brand of undies. Although they do wear out quickly. Macpac also do a good merino undies product, but probably less durable than IceBreaker. Recently I discovered Massdrop

Massdrop had these undies available as a 2 pack at $US34 - normally $US52.

I couldn't resist trying them. Yes, they have lived up to all the hype! Comfortable, light and breathable, no smell and stylish, You can also get these in a brief version if you don't care for the boxers. 


The Massdrop deal is over now, but I suggest you join this lightweight hiking group and you will get some good special alerts on many lightweight hiking products - Darn Tough socks was another special I hooked into a few weeks back

11 May 2018

Lightweight Footwear

I am a long supporter of Altra Lone Peak trail runners for tramping. I am on my third pair. But, I do agree there are several other lightweight options.

Kelly Hodgkins is a full-time backpacking guru out of the USA. Here's a link to check out her recommendations.


26 Apr 2018

Best Ultralight Headlamps

Chris at Greenbelly (Nutritious Hiking Bars - delicious by the way!) has just posted a great review on headlamps that I thought may help you lighten your load.

You can read his review at https://www.greenbelly.co/pages/best-ultralight-backpacking-headlamps

Cheers Rob

20 Mar 2018

10 Best Ultralight Sleeping Pads

Here is a link to Chris Cage's blog where he lists suggestions and reviews lightweight sleeping mats.


I personally use the THERMA-A-REST: NeoAir XLite

In my younger days, I used the Gossamer Gear Nitelite

Sleep is important and having a full-length mat with super R-Value is a good weight to comfort compromise.  

2 Feb 2018

The Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags

Your sleeping bag is one of the 'big 4' backpacking items that you can really make big weight saving gains.

My around the go-to bag is the Zpack 20 for three seasons. In the hight of summer if in hut accommodation I use my Western Mountaineering Highlight

Here's a comprehensive guide to the best dozen ultralight backpacking sleeping bags. Tested and written by Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest thru-hiker Chris Cage

19 Dec 2017

Helinox Zero Chair

OK, anyone for some camp luxury?

I have just purchased the Helinox Zero Chair.

I love it! At 485 grams I am tempted to take it on an overnight romp (OMG, am I really saying this!).

It is a clever piece of lightweight engineering from the same company that supplied my walking poles (the LF135s, the lightest and best poles I have ever used!).

This chair is soooooo comfortable, easy to erect, stable and folds down to about the size of a Pump water bottle.

I guess its main use will be at outdoor summer events, but hey, having gone through a back operation, sitting on the top of a mountain beside the tent on a warm summers evening sure sounds inviting.