10 Sep 2010

The Best Light Weight Pack - My New Baby

I've had a few packs! From the old wooden and aluminium frames of my teen tramping days to the ultra comfortable Macpacs. My  movement into lightweight began when I realised my fabulous Macpac Glissade weighed 2.5 kgs before I stuck anything inside it! If you are starting to move into lightweight tramping, start with the big four - Pack, Boots, Bag and Tent.

I want to crow about my new purchase, the Gossamer Gear Gorilla Pack. This is one tough, light (750grams) pack that has the exact capacity I need for up to an eight day plus trip. Check this little baby out at http://www.gossamergear.com

Prior to this pack I alternated between a ULA Circuit and My old Macpac Amp 35. Both served me well. However the former was a bit too big (capacity wise) and the latter was a bit too heavy even after removing the foam back pad.

I've seam sealed the pack on the inside and added bungee cords to the sides.


  1. How do you go about buying gear like this backpack? Do you order them online? If yes, how does NZ Customs treat the delivery on arrival regarding tax and GST?

  2. Sorry for delay - I am not getting alert flags on posting?
    I buy ALL my gear in the US on the internet. If the cost is in NZ dollars, including freight, amounts to less that $50 GST you are ok.

    I get to the States once a year and have a lot of friends that live there or go there so can purchase and bring back.

    Let's face it, this stuff is light and most purchases I make are under $NZ250 so no problems.
    Call customs and ask. Or email me at rob@assess.co.nz to set up a chat.


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