23 Sep 2010

How to Take Exciting Pictures of Yourself When Solo Tramping

It's amazing how people invent simple, small and inexpensive items hat are so practical. You know, the type of products or services that make you want to say,"Why didn't I think of that?"

The PicStick is one such invention. It's a small plastic gizmo that fits on the end of your hiking pole that enables you to mount your camera. You fully extend your pole, set your camera on a 10 second timer and then hold it out in front of you with some great mountain scenery behind - smile, and bingo, you have a great shot of yourself in the wilderness. It also works great with video for a 360 panorama with yourself as the centre piece. Here's what it looks like.

I bought one last year. It's a "must have" piece of equipment. Cost is $US11.98. I love it! To see it in action check out the two pictures of me in the Trip Photos section on the left of this page. Or go to the StickPic website

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