21 Oct 2010

Pack Pockets

A few years ago I discovered pack pockets when I got my first lightweight pack, a MacPac Amp35 and then a P2 from Ultra Light Adventures

These pack pockets are usually in-built or come as add-ons for hip belts or shoulder straps. I love the convenience of these light additions. They are great for small, compact digital cameras, GPS, and on-the-go snack bars. Also I use a pocket for go-to items like sun block and lip balm. They really save you from having to take off your pack to dive into side or front pockets for these items - especially the camera.

Gossamer Gear sell these pockets separately to fit their pack range (see picture of my new ones on my  GG Gorilla Pack.
But they will also fit on other packs. Check with the team at GG and ask them if they would fit your pack model.

I went for small size - 8 x 15 x 4cms at 18g each - they are a perfect size. Another cunning thing, they have two-way zips and the shoulder pockets have a left and right option with zip facing inwards. These are great for the digital camera. When mine was in the hip belt pocket, it always got knocked around when I took off my pack.

The shoulder option (not tested yet) will enable quicker access for those "capture the moment" shots whilst on the move. Also, when removing the pack, it will avoid the hip belt flying open with the weight of the camera and bashing on the ground. Here are some pictures.

Shoulder Pocket
Right Hip Belt