31 Jan 2011

Trekking Poles

I stumbled across these poles at Kathmandu (shop). My carbon Alpkit poles had "kinda" served me well. I say that because I always had problems losing the carbide tips until I got smart and cemented them in. However, on last trip, I slipped on tussock coming down a slope, fell on the pole I braced myself with and snapped it clean in two.

I actually thought the Alpkit (UK) poles were light at 385g for the pair, but these Fizan (Italy) are only 346g a pair and look stronger.

There are made from aluminum, compact down to 58cms. There are three sections and can extend to 132cms.  Here's the best part, I got 2 for the price of 1 - $119.  Checkout the photo below. You can order online at Kathmandu.

Kooka Bay Sleep Pad

Finally its arrived! I ordered this for my Xmas trip and it left the USA via international express mail on 16 Dec. It arrived  last week, Jan 24!

These pads are made by Kooka Bay and are starting to get a lot of good wraps from the lightweight community.

You can order in a number of configurations, rectangle, tapered etc, or have a custom size. The material looks and feels very strong.

Mine is a standard rectangle, 30d material. It's 3/4 size at 1200 x 570mm, incredibly light - 187gm.

The cost was $US99 plus about $US10 for postage. The full length pad is 238gm and $US109.

Bender also makes pillows for $US40. His website is a bit naff but it does the trick. 

My current GG sleep pad is 107gm, shorter and a dam sight thinner. I'm a side sleeper and was always getting a sore hip.  I'm prepared to go the extra 80gms for a better nights sleep!

Here are some pictures - The beer can is for size perspective - In field report coming soon

16 Jan 2011

ATC Christmas Trip

I have just added photos of the ATC South Island trip - Checkout the "Recent Trips" page for details