5 May 2011

Kooka Bay Matt Update

I used my Kooka Bay Matt (see earlier post) over Easter W/E tramp.

It worked well. I thought I might get a lot of slippage from the base of my MLD Superlight Biv, but suprisingly little.

This mat is very comfortable, but I struggled with the pillow options - If using gear in stuff sack or bladder wrapped in gear, it is not high enough if used off the end of the matt. If you put it on the matt it shortens the length too much.

I have opted for the Montbell pillow used at the top end of the matt. 

I think the matt could be a little wider as I toss around a lot. Bender does do custom makes for no, or little extra cost. Check his website.  

All in all I am please with the craftsmanship and sleeping comfort.

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