3 May 2011

MLD Superlight Biv

This is the bivy used by Andrew Skurka on his incredible 4700mi Alaska -Yukon Expedition. Cost is $US159 but there are extras and freight. The price is still great value.

The top Fabric is Momentum DWR, 20dX20d nylon taffeta. The eVENT foot box end panel for added breath ability and waterproofness. Bottom Fabric is Silnylon or you can opt for Cuben Fiber that will cost an extra $US60 but oh so light!

I ordered large ($US25 more) as I have a two inch Kooka Bay mattress. This makes the biv a bit too big but the extra space is OK and adds only 22 grams to the weight.

This is my third bivy and I am thrilled with the quality and weight. I ordered the full screen hood. This works well if you have a hook to lift this off your face.

The only negative is with the Trailstar tarp the hooks sewn into the seams don't align above the bivy hood (more forward) see photo, and don't "pitch" enough of your face. I think this inconvenience is more than compensated by the other factors - weight and quality.

Check-out  more details and photos at http://www.mountainlaureldesigns.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=22&products_id=30

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  1. Found your blog via comment on mine. Don't know why it only shows on my dash board and not the comment for the post. Anyway Superlght bivy is superb. Used mine a lot and it faultless. No damp in it ever apart from once a bit on the base which you expect. I shall go and have a good read of your blog now.


Hey, thanks for you contribution - I monitor my blog weekly. I will reply with comments, ideas and suggestions ASAP - In the meantime, remember, hiking is an outdoors experience to enjoy, not an army boot camp training exercise!!