27 Sep 2011

Ideas on GG Gorilla Pack Changes

I took the Gossamer gear Pack on my John Muir Trail hike (not the first time used - about it's 5th outing). It performed superbly. However, nothing is perfect in the "lightweight world"!  But, Gossamer Gear have just about got it perfect.

I have recommended  to Grant at GG, along with others (see Brian's Outdoor Blog - link in right panel)  several "fixes":

1. Go back to a convention "s"  narrower, padded shoulder straps. The wide straps rub on neck sometimes, the internal padding slips and overall it feels "strange" on the outer shoulders.
2. The compression straps at the top of each side are useless - lower them or dismiss them.
3. The strop that the lid strap threads through is too narrow for the buckle and too low - it impedes entry to the top of the back mesh pocket.
4. The fabric , whilst bomb proof, does not perform well in rain - seems to "soak" through quickly.
5. The velcro secures for the internal back frame are too small

Having said this, the pack performed wonderfully and I got many comments on the trail as to the it's look/design. 


  1. I havn’t tried the GG myself but just looking at one, the shoulder straps are too close to the neck.
    Although if there is some stiffness to them they should spread the load well.
    I like “S” shaped straps personally.
    The GG certainly has a good reputation here in UK.

  2. I've had the GG Gorilla for a long while now and share some of your sentiments in the design. However I find the thicker shoulder pads spread the load slightly better and so for heavier winter trips the pack stays comfortable for longer. I guess it's all about build and personal preference on this. I completely agree about the compression straps and it's odd that they were placed where they were.

    All round though this is my year round bag and hasn't let me down yet. Excellent purchase.

  3. 3, 2 and 5. absolutely. Can't comment on 4 yet as the GGG seems to be a bringer of good weather for me. Not sure on 1. yet. They are definitely too close to the neck at the top, but I think overall there is something to the wider softer straps. Overall I have been delighted with the GGG.

  4. We all agree GGG is a great pack - maybe an option to order wide or "standard" S shoulder straps?

    On another note, I just received my MLD Burn pack - purchased 2nd hand - Can't wait to try it out. Want something a bit smaller in volume than my GGG.

    GGG handled 10 day supply on JMT great with Bear barrel, but back in NZ I don't need this and feel I can get same into smaller volume - Keep you all posted


Hey, thanks for you contribution - I monitor my blog weekly. I will reply with comments, ideas and suggestions ASAP - In the meantime, remember, hiking is an outdoors experience to enjoy, not an army boot camp training exercise!!