4 Sep 2011

Inov8 Rocklite295

I am just back from completing the John Muir Trail. One of my best pieces of performing gear was my shoes. Did a couple of long day trips and one w/e trip before hitting the JMT. 18 days, 320 Ks, these shoes never missed a beat. No blisters, hot spots etc. Great comfort all the way. Highly recommended!


  1. Hi Rob,
    Congrats on the JMT.
    I had been waiting for a review from somebody who had put the 295’s to good use. Thanks for that they are now on my list for when the current 285’s head for the bin.

  2. Robin,
    Where did you buy these from? I don’t see them on the Inov-8 site either in UK or NZ. Roclite 295’s are shoes not boots on sites i have looked at and the boots that they do have are different both in weight and style.

  3. Sorry Robin, Ignore my comment about the boots. The angle of the 1st photo makes the shoe look like a boot. Must get these glasses fixed! Ha.


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