11 Sep 2011

Solving the "Pillow" Problem

I love my Mont-Bell pillow. It's very light and offers a nice bit of luxury when tucked up in my biv.

One problem, the pillow always drifts away from my mat. Throughout the night I am constantly (in a half awake state) always adjusting the mat and pillow to stay in alignment.  I think I have solved the problem - an in-field trial will answer that question.

I purchased some tough binding and a couple of duffel coat buttons - about a $4 purchase. Using contact glue, I cemented a loop of binding with the duffel button attached, to my Kooka Bay mat. My Mont Bell pillow has two holes in each corner that the duffel buttons fit through (Mont Bell have a similar system, but their mats are too thin/heavy).

I have included some photos below. Pretty proud of my work!!


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