31 Oct 2011

MLD Burn Pack

I love my GG Gorilla but wanted something smaller for weekend (or 3 day trips). I had always had my eye on the MLD Burn and managed to pick a second-hand one off the Backpacking Light swap pages.

 I will be testing it out in 2 weeks on a w/e trip into the Kaimanawas. I have included a couple of photos, but the best info is on the MLD website.

This pack weighs 350 grams. The main pack is about 26 Lt - side pockets, 2.5 each and the front pocket, 8 Lt - about 40 all up. I have two hip pockets that I think are essential for "go to" items like camera, sunscreen, energy bars etc. I also like the long extension collar.

Fabric is Dyneema X - the best combination of toughness, water resistance and light weight. 

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  1. That is a nice wee pack. I should pay attention to those swap pages.


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