29 Feb 2012

Andrew's New Book

For all you gear freaks Andrew Skurka's gear book has been finally released.


I had an advanced ebook version and it was very good. I have ordered the book and should take delivery any day. I will post my review.

In the meantime, for all you impatient little pups that can't wait, go to  http://andrewskurka.com/ to order

28 Feb 2012

Just thought I would load up some pictures of my Hexamid Solo with new bug net (from my Christmas trip in the South Island of NZ).  It's quite cozy. If buying, suggest you go for the new Hexamid Plus with built in netting (if you are in bug infested area). Then, also buy Joe's bath tub cuben ground sheet  Or, if just tarp, use a bivy bag with face net (as I use to) with polypro ground sheet. May go back to this for more elbow room.