28 Feb 2012

Just thought I would load up some pictures of my Hexamid Solo with new bug net (from my Christmas trip in the South Island of NZ).  It's quite cozy. If buying, suggest you go for the new Hexamid Plus with built in netting (if you are in bug infested area). Then, also buy Joe's bath tub cuben ground sheet  Or, if just tarp, use a bivy bag with face net (as I use to) with polypro ground sheet. May go back to this for more elbow room.


  1. I never was a purest for the tarp but i am coming round to thinking i might try it one day.
    I really fancy going for the Trailstar and Oookworks bug inner. The Cuben hexamid plus is a good price though.

  2. Forgot to mention, if using a bivy bag with your Hexamid, get Joe to sew in a loop above your head to hold bug net off your face - I used a piece of fine bungy cord - a bit of give.

    Trailstar is good and bomb prove, it's very big for one person. Have a look at Bear Paw - they also make bug inners for this tarp - http://www.bearpawwd.com/

  3. Thanks for that recommendation. Its always good to have an alternative.
    The good thing about Oookworks is that it ’s local so there are advantages to that. You can go and have a look, get samples, get mods done quickly and there are no import tax’s to pay.


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