2 Mar 2012

Andrew's Book Has Arrived

Andrew Skurka's book has arrived. It is published by National Geographic - some good cred there! I have scanned the total book and read a number of chapters of specific gear interest. It is 215 pages of great info. This book is a valuable source of information for any experienced ultra-lighter and a must for those venturing into the lightweight world.

Apart from tools and techniques on gear, clothing and navigation, there is a comprehensive section on sample gear kits (gear lists for various climate conditions and locations (US based). Andrew completes each section with his "How 2" and also "Skurka's Picks" - wonderful nuggets of information.

It's a full colour book and Andrew has done a fabulous design job - the layout is very user friendly. For $US19.95 it is an essential book for your hiking library. Go to www.andrewskurka.com to order. 

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