18 Mar 2012

Inov8 Roclite 315

As you all know, I am a fan of Inov8 shoes. For those of you who hike in trail runners, especially in NZ, they wear out quick. I get about 650 plus Ks out of mine. I will say I beat them up a lot on scree slopes.

A feature of my shoe break-downs are the inside heels. I seem to wear the inner lining around the mid heel area that exposes the plastic heel support. This then rubs to cause blisters. My wonderful Indian boot maker fixes this with sewing in a suede sleeve around the inner heal.

Before my Mt Taranaki climb a couple of weeks ago I need to invest in new shoes as my boot-maker was away for a month and a second pair would not go a miss. I have had great success with the Roclite 295s, but this time went for the more robust 315s. The team at Inov8 we great at advising me. They also give you a 20% discount if you are a returning purchaser.

This is my third pair of Inov8s. The 315s are stiffer and come with an added covering of hard wearing mesh on the uppers (see photos). The Inov8 guys told me they won't drain as fast as the 295s but this is a small compromise given added toughness.

I love the soles on the Roclites - for NZ conditions they offer great grip. The 295s are better on smooth rocks as the rubber compound is more "sticky". The high wrap-around "mudguards" on the 315s offer better protection to the outer foot than the 295s and also stop the breakdown of the upper where the shoe flexes off the base of the little toe margin. All and all a great shoe! 

Note high mudguards
Note additional mesh cover
Great grip power


  1. Couldn’t agree more Robin. My 295’s are not far off the end of there life and i will be changing them soon.
    Good to know that Inov-8 have looked after you so well.

    1. Alan, this was my first outing in the 315s climbing Mt Taranaki (Egmont), but from my experience with the 295s (did the John Muir Trail in these) and the Terrocs you can't go too wrong with these shoes!

      I am off to do the around mountain trip in mid April when I get back from Canada watching my daughter represent NZ in the World Youth Ski Champs - go Eden! The around Mt trip circles the three central mountains in the middle of the North Island. Getting cold here so may need an extra kilo in Autumn gear - bugger!

  2. Thanks Robin, I have been using Inov-8's for a while including the 370's (a boot version style) and terrocs. My favourite has been the 370's now no longer and i intend to replace them with the 315's. I have also had the inner heel wear away to quickly in my terrocs, the silk sounds like a great idea, I have used gaffer tape with success. I need to find a boot repairer who is happy to experiment, thanks for the tip.

  3. Good move to 315s - you don't need boots!
    Yes, I have also used duct tape on the trail to act as a lining around the inner heels (both in the shoe and on the skin!), works well. Not too sure where you live, but believe me, if you can find an India shoe repairer they will work wonders - you'll want a thin shield of leather sewn into the total inner heel area. I will try and send you some photos.

  4. Haven't used boots for over a decade now. Still loving my 310's. Just got some 295's for my wife. She used them out of the box on the Able Tasman and was amazed at how comfortable they are. May try the 315s when my 310's give up.


  5. hey, im tryin to get myself outside into the wilderness but am stuck on shoe choices... i tried the inov-8 roclite 245 before and liked their wide anatomic fit but was hesitant if they would be good for multi-day light backpacking with intentions of packing as lite as your packs, impressive by the way.
    i guess my other choices are the roclite 255 for more padding etc, or go for the 295's or the 315's that you reviewed here, but only concern is that the 295's have a tighter midfoot/toebox area and my feet need good play area.
    im currently back in Australia (QLD) and having trouble acclimating since returning from living at Mairangi bay for the last few years, and im actually trying to get work back in NZ as I truly miss the place. I did look into your profile and noticed your company is close to my old residence where I am looking to return to early next year and was wondering by chance if you have any open or upcoming spots on your team ? sorry very random and off topic but hey, gotta try yea.
    anyways, thanks for your help

  6. Hi - 295 is a great shoe but the crease where the toes bends tends to wear quickly. If you have a wide front foot these may not suit? Check out their website. Also look at Montrail Masochist. But I love Inov8s - have the new 315s. Great shoe. Re work - we are very specialised and have no openings at present.

  7. Hey Rob, what shoe are you using now it seems they don't make 315s any more. I should have stocked up.

  8. I still have these, but my go to shoe is the Altra Lone Peak. I have the original, they now have the second upgrade - Lone Peak 2 - see http://www.altrarunning.com/fitness/en/Altra/mens-shoes/lone-peak-2-mens

    These are brilliant shoes. Just like wearing slippers! I love the big roomy toe box and the sole grip is great. Search this blog as I did a brief review last July.

    Are you in NZ? What US shoe size are you? I am 10. Not wearing these anymore and they are in good nick if you want to buy?

  9. I am planning to tramp the Te Araroa at the end of 2016 and am interested in why you choose hiking shoes over boots. I have usually used boots for tramping and trail shoes for running, but am considering using shoes for the trail. I am from NZ (go the Naki) so am familiar with landscape, weather conditions... What do you recommend? And why?

    Although I am an experienced tramper and part of the local search and rescue, I have never done a long distance tramp. Any other recommendations? Or things to know about the TA?



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