9 May 2012

2012 Gorilla Pack

Up-date - I have now sold my 2010 Gorilla - It was a sad parting, but I am excited about the pending 2012 delivery! See previous post for a great photo comparison between the two packs.


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you at Womens Outdoor Pursuits AGM Rob. I am still gasping at how little you carry and not a little envious of your energy and enthusiasm for tramping.I had a look at my pack later and whipped out the extra merinos. I am so well prepared for an emergency I could deliver a baby, baptise it and offer a nice meal afterwards. See you out there.

  2. Ha Ha! I enjoyed the evening - Yes, those "contingency" items will double your weight. Remember - layers - never take more than you can wear at one time.


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