28 May 2012

2012 Gossamer Gear Gorilla Pack

The Baby has arrived! I am off this long weekend into the Whirinaki to baptise it. Report and photos coming.


  1. Nice!! I just finished up a three day hike with mine. Rather impressed me!! I might have to start using it for the rest of the year to see how it performs.

  2. "Might have to start using it the rest of the year..."
    What else would you use?
    I usually use my MLD Burn for three/four day trip like this one coming up but need to try out the new "toy".
    The Gorilla (2010 model) was perfect for the 2 x 9 day sections of the JMT (Wild Ideas carbon fibre bear barrel fitted in well).

  3. sorry, i did not get notified you responded to my comment.

    my primary backpack is a zpacks zero x-small (1,000 cubic inches) and is all I have used for the last 1,000 or so miles. i ordered up the murmur because I was looking for something that could hold a few more days worth of food, and because *everybody* out there was saying this new 2012 murmur was awesome!

    ps: here is my initial thoughts on the 2012 gg murmur backpack: http://hikelighter.com/2012/05/28/gossamer-gear-murmur-hyperlight-backpack-2012-first-hike-review/


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