17 Jun 2012

Gear Alert - Kathmandu Sale - NZ & Aussie Subscribers

Just been to my local Kathmandu Store - the regular sale (every three month) is on. I am always suspicious of these as the sale price is really the "true" retail price - i.e. the cheapest they can sell it to you and still make a profitable margin. If you monitor these price there are some bargins to be had.

Today they were selling the Adult Pullover V2 Half Zip top for $39.99 (normally $139. 99)

This may seem like a great bargin,if it works!

It is constructed of Altica100 - lightweight warmth, breathable and quick drying.

I am a great fan of merino and my equivalent in this layer is a 150 Icebreaker or Smartwool top. 

Let's look at weight - The merino top is 265 grams and the Kathmandu is 270 - a bit heavier, but, after wearing the Kathmandu for a day I think it is warmer and if it gets wet will dry quicker.

Food for thought, and for $40 bucks I am going to give it a shot - This will be my second layer. So I have my 150 merino tea-shirt (163gms) as first layer, then the Kathmandu top (270gm) - over this would be my insulated (Cocoon Bozeman Mountain Works) jacket (270gms) and then my Zpacks Cuben fiber rain coat (185gms).

I think this would be an acceptable, safe layered system for 3 seasons - still nervous about letting go of merino!!

Obvious the Zpacks cuber fiber rain coat would "fit" anywhere between these layers depending on temperature as it can also serve as a wind jacket. 


  1. Howdie!

    That is an interesting one huh, the differences in fleece verses merino when it comes to warmth verses weight. The fact that the fleece can be just 5 grams more weight makes it mighty appealing. Altica I am pretty sure has not make it into the USA yet (or if it has, under some other odd name) so I very much look forward to hearing how it compares to the Merino, specifically in regards to holding warmth and multi-day stink/smelling and of course, the big one, how fast it dries.

    Your article inspired me to put together my own article on my shoulder/winter setup!! Check it out at: http://hikelighter.com/2012/06/17/preparing-for-shoulderwinter-season-clothing/

    Oddly I am going more towards using Merino this winter season, which could have its down falls. No doubt though that you guys over in NZ have a much better grip on understanding cold weather conditions for hiking than what we do over here. So much cold weather clothing has been developed from NZ that the rest of us around the world are keeping a close eye on what you guys there are switching too each year!




Hey, thanks for you contribution - I monitor my blog weekly. I will reply with comments, ideas and suggestions ASAP - In the meantime, remember, hiking is an outdoors experience to enjoy, not an army boot camp training exercise!!