27 Jul 2012

Sleep Pad

Following on from my previous post re air mattress research, I have really "zoned in" on Thermarest Neo XLite.

I currently use Kooka Bay (186g) but this guy has disappeared off the planet. Pity, he was on to a good thing! If I was (or had to) replace I would go for the small Neo Xlite - $US129.

It's 119cm long, 51cm wide and 6,5cm deep. It weighs in at 230g.

I like the internal reflective lining giving it a good r factor for an air mat at 3.2.

Check it out at http://cascadedesigns.com/therm-a-rest/mattresses/fast-and-light/neoair-xlite/product

Or see later post at http://lightweighttramping.blogspot.co.nz/2012/11/exciting-week-i-picked-up-joe-and.html


  1. Agreed - the XLite is without a doubt the best cost-to-weight-to-rvalue pad on the market right now. The original neoair could not claim that (its cost to r-value was not good enough) but I pretty much think that they nailed it with the XLite.

    Right now I am testing the Klymit Static V. It is a heavy (514 grams) pad, but it is 83 cm x 59 cm x 6.5 cm in size... and is priced at under $60 (usd) - a price-point that is perfect for those not looking to spend a lot of money and who are not worried about another 80-100 grams of weight. Plus, with 70D material, I can throw this thing right onto the ground and jump on it all day and it does not seem to leak any air. Full review coming soon, but so far very impressive. It is everything that they XLite is not, but it is impressing me so far. My XLite-Large is still one of my favorite all-time full-size sleeping pads (but oh'so expensive).

    Are you finding that the Xlite slides around on the inside of your zpacks bathtub, or it is staying in place?

    1. Thanks for comments - Klymit way too heavy for comfort produced! 514grams!
      Re Xlite slippage. I haven't used this in my solo tarp with Zpacks cuben bucket floor yet (next weekend) - only in the Twin Hexamid and I haven't got the bucket cuben floor in that set up (it's coming!). I am using Tyvek.
      I will report back later. My advice is to ask Joe at Zpacks this question as Joe was using the old Xlite matt

  2. OMG - a matt at 514 grams - count me out - this is home comfort!

    Re sliding around - yes, always had this with ripstop floor (Henery Shires Tarp Tents). But have not had a problem with Cuben fiber, but I am using a Kooka Bay mat so not too sure of it's fabric.

    Putting some "bands" of silicone spaced about 30cm across the floor fixed it for me.

  3. I forgot to put the weight in my original blog - corrected now - it is 230g

  4. My xlite is amazing I love it. Best buy in ages I love how light it is but the comfort is what does it for me. best of both worlds.

  5. Following on from my previous post re air mattress research, I have really "zoned in" on Thermarest Neo XLite.

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