15 Dec 2012

Wild Country Headlamp

Bugger - I can't find my fabulous Fennix L20 headlamp.

I had it on my last trip and as I start packing for the Xmas tramp into Fiordland it is nowhere to be seen. I am pissed off as this lamp was perfect. Too late to get one shipped in. But as one door closes another one opens.

I was driving past the local FCO store and popped in on the off chance they may have a lightweight headlamp, I wasn't that confident. Bingo, found one.

Called Wild Country, probably a house brand, it takes one AAA battery and weighs in at 36gms (Fennix was 30gms). Here's a couple of pictures.


1 comment:

  1. I hate that when you can't find a piece of kit that works well for you.
    I like my headtorch, the Petzl e-lite. Think it's 28gr.


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