15 Jan 2013

More Fiordland Photos

Hi - One of my tramping party (Marg Law) sent me her photos of our Xmas trip - Great shots that I thought you'd like to see.



  1. Stunning trip and slideshow. Some scary rivers there. Harris saddle looks awesome.
    Must admit you Kiwi’s are resourceful. We would never of even thought of splitting a “Super Light Aircraft” between the eight of us and assembling it once the tents were up. Much more practical than our plastic whistles.

    Your Cuben jackests look great too.

  2. I have crossed a lot of three wire bridges in my tramping career, but one of the 5 we did in the middle of the Hollyford "flood" freaked me out. I was afraid I was going to slip forward like when the arch of your shoe hits a tree root. Instant death.

    Ha Ha re the plane! This was a rare event. Robert's daughter was visiting 4 Xmas and flying back to civilisation. This is the most remote family in NZ. The airstrip was like a postage stamp! You must read his book "A Life On the Gorge" by Robert Long. Try Amazon, or I can send you my copy

  3. Thanks i will try and get it.
    I got a copy of R.M. Wiliams book, Beneath Whose Hand about the tough life he had in Oz. Awesome book, although not tramping in particular it is certainly about survival in harsh climes. Worth a read.


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