15 Jan 2013

News of Joe from Zpacks on Te Aroroa Trail

Joe just emailed to say Sheryl (his wife) has decided to go home. After a sterling effort of walking NZ's North Island she's had enough. What a pity as the best is yet to come. Joe will continue alone and Matt is sending new solo tent and bag. 


  1. Yes thats a shame and i am in full agreement, the best is yet to come. In fact as soon as you get off the boat.
    If there was a choice, i would do South Island.
    Well done Sheryl, a good mileage all the same.

  2. Heard from Joe this morning - He is in Havelock right now. Heading for Pelorous River and onto the Richmond range today. Sheryl will do this section through to Boyle Village, about 15 days. Both will return to Nelson. Joe to resupply and Sheryl to fly North and back to USA.


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