19 Feb 2013

Hexamid Twin

I recently sold my SilNylon Trailstar tarp - a tough decision. This tarp is bullet proof, but in bug areas one needed to use a bivy bag with mesh face cover. I used the 185 gram MLD Superlight. A great bivy bag. But when traveling with two you had to rely on your partner to take some bug protection. The inner bug tent for the trailstar (made by Oookworks and Bear Paw) is too heavy. I would recommend the Trailstar in .75 cuben - but bug protection and ground sheet remains the weight compromise. You could use the option cuben floor on the Superlight biv but then you are in a claustrophobic space inside a bivy bag. So, having great success with the Hexamid fully screened solo, I went for the Hexamid Twin. To give it NZ robustness I got the team at Zpacks to make this (like my solo) out of .75 cuben (not standard .51). Enjoy the slid show. See more at Zpacks.com

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