17 Mar 2013

Cuben Fiber

Hosting Joe and Sheryl from Zpacks gave me some great insights into cuben fiber. This is the only material Joe uses. I am convinced it is the way of the future in outdoor gear. I am now totally cuben! Note spelling with "e" not "a" so I haven't turned into a commie rum drinker yet!

To help you understand this fabric's pros and cons check out Jacob's blog at http://hikeitlikeit.com/2012/cuben-fiber-roundup/

14 Mar 2013

Super Ultralight Tarp

Ok, I draw the line here. Check out GOLD Tarps. Can you imagine parked under one of these above the bush line in NZ? This is Polycro folks. I've used it for a groundsheet, but a tarp, that's brave!

Joe and Sheryl - Zpacks Owners Finish TA

Yahoo and a big congrats to Joe and Sheryl. They finished the Te Araroa trail today. They are now pigging out on oysters and beer in Bluff :-) Well done guys, 120 days and the length of NZ - 3054Ks. Jez, that's 25ks a day, pretty good going. This was Sheryl's first full long distance through hike - didn't she do well. They fly to Auckland on Saturday. I will pick them up and deliver them back to AKL International airport on Sunday for the flight home. Now what do I throw on the BBQ on Saturday night?