29 Apr 2013

Cuben Fiber Jacket and Pants

Just back from the Hump Ridge Track - Had two hours of very heavy rain climbing to Okaka Hut - the Cuben Rain Jacket (127gms) and pants (48gms) were great. I know I reported this after my Fiordland trip, but thought you'd like to see a pic of yours truly on Stag Point. I am now known as the "Grey Ghost" :-)
PS: The pack is my MLD Burn 


  1. Awesome!! Been wearing my jacket/pants a fair amount recently.

    So, three questions:

    Do you wear shorts under the shorts?
    Do you wear underwear under the shorts?
    Do you encounter "heating" issues when wearing the shorts?

    In other words, just trying to find out your approach to wearing them and if you are wearing them full time, the laying method you use.

    I wear the pants and often times find my lower legs getting hot and sweaty... the whole idea of wearing shorts that are waterproof is rather appealing to me. But, heating and layering seem like they could be an issue with the low breathability factor of the WPBCF.


    1. Hi John - Been AWL for a week or two - To answer your questions:

      1. If I am on the trail and it starts to rain, I will slip them over my shorts, but my preference is to wear them "as" shorts. So if it is a wet hiking day ahead I will do the latter.

      2. Yes, going "commando" like my hiking friend Lee has no comfort for me. Because I can keep my undies dry, I wear them - Macpac Merino

      3. No heating issues yet, but temps in NZ in inclement WX are not that hot. However, I do find they do tend to "cling" to the leg at the opening - ie don't slide on the top of the thighs like my shorts, but they do have a "slip" band sewn on the inside heam.

      Cheers Rob

  2. Yes Awesome weights there.
    I wish our weather would improve. Still like winter here.

  3. Alan - yes your unseasonal weather has hit our headlines - Solution: Move to Australia:-)


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