23 May 2013

Dried Food Packaging

Following on from my last post my paper bags have arrived. Pretty impressive.

100% unbleached greaseproof paper
Totally Chlorine free (TCF)
Made from Scandinavian spruce trees
Natural barrier - not chemically treated
No petroleum products

The size is 19cm (7 1/2") x 16.2cm (6 3/8") x 5.7cm (2 1/4")

I did a weight comparison. 20 paper bags weigh 97g - verses 83g for the same sized zip lock bags I use.

However, the plastic bags must be carried out and the paper ones burnt as I go. Plus environmentally friendly.

Here's the link for NZ purchases 

Box opened ready for use
Here are a couple of pictures:

Gives you an idea of size

Note the greaseproof look


  1. Very impressive. I must look in the UK.

  2. Found some and now ordered.
    On your previous post you say saving 450gr over 10 days food.
    Because you don’t use the original foil packaging to re-hydrate the food you must therefore tip the contents into a pan and re-hydrate it/heat it over a stove. Therefore you will use more fuel than just boiling the water and pouring it into the foil bag, leaving it for 6-7 minutes etc etc.
    So, do you think that using more fuel is a catch 22. Save on one hand lose on another.
    I imagine a pot cosy would be required as well as the temperatures drop. And also you will need to wash out the pan.
    As i have never tried this method before. Just wondered what your thoughts are.

    1. Alan, I would disagree, if you are using a pot cozy you boil the water then add the food to the pot, turn off stove. No extra fuel required.

    2. Alan - I concur with Nielsen - I only boil water - when boiled, I pour in dehy, cover and let sit for 10-15 mins. It still stays hot with Jetboil's cover.

      John Abela's blog has a good article on Jetboil usage at http://hikelighter.com/2013/05/22/jetboil-sol-ti/

  3. My question is how do you seal them, tape, elastic band? This will of course add weight and may need to be carried out.

  4. I am intending to roll down the top tightly and hold this in place with a couple of centimetres of normal cellotape.
    I'm happy this will burn OK and have less impact on the environment than my foot prints :-)

  5. Masking tape burns very well and its great using it to start camp fires. Its better than cellotape.

  6. Great idea Alan. I have a roll in my garage - will try on next w/e's tramp and report back

  7. Back from 3 day w/e using paper bags - worked great for the dehy food, but the tortillas dried out. Lack of air tightness the cause.

    I made and packed these on Wednesday night and by Saturday they were quite dry and semi hard. This never happened with the Zip Lock Plastic bags. Looks like breaky and dinners in paper bags, but the lunch back in plastic.

  8. great idea ill be on the look out for a similiar product over here in the UK


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