18 May 2013

Pack Liners

I remember the days when we used those huge yellow pack liners in our 2.5kg Macpacs. Many a hiker I see on the trail still uses these weighty items. For those of you who have gained significant weight loss through lightening your major items like tent, shoes, sleeping bag, pack and cooking gear, now is the time to concentrate on shaving off the grams on the "bits and bobs".

If you have a reasonably waterproof pack - like my Zpacks Arc Blast (seam taped cuben fiber) and use a waterproof pack liner there is no need to use stuff sacks for sleeping bag, tarps, insulated jacket. I see may a hiker fixated into this practice. Most of these stuff sacks are a heavy grade silnylon.

I save valuable grams (and space) by stuffing all the above items into my cuben fiber pack liner  loosely. This also decreases pack volume used as there are no gaps. I use a Zpacks cuben fiber pack liner with valcroe roll top - it's about 15g, but comes at a price - $US16.95

For the budget conscience, have a look at LiteTrail NyloBarrier Packliners. Made from a plastic film that is much more durable than common packliner material, 50% thinner and 35% lighter. Designed to fit a wide variety of backpacks, NyloBarrier packliners provide plenty of room for most lightweight gear kits.

You can purchase these HERE 


  1. I place my Montbell UL SuperSpiral and my MontBell Mirage Parka, and my sleeping socks, into a ZPacks Drybag (pillow version), and then shove that down into a LiteTrail nylo bag, which then goes into the bottom of my Arc Blast. In the winter I do the same, except also throw in a Nuntak Down Balaclava, Black Rock Gear down Gloves, and Feathered Friend Down Booties.

  2. John - I have been toying with dropping my Zpacks cuben fiber stuff sack I use for clothing for the Zpacks "pillow" version. I will do it - Currently use the MontBell blow-up pillow. Thanks for reminding me - there goes a few more OZs:-)


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