19 May 2013

Re-packing Your Food

I use Backcountry freeze dried food. I repackage their food into small zip lock bags as their packaging is in heavy foil. I have done a calculation on weight savings and on a 10 day trip this dispensed with 450g of weight.

Last week I was at our Tramping Club's monthly meeting - the theme was lightweight gear. Several members "exposed" their pack and pack items.

The best tip I picked up that night was from Hideo who said he does the same, but repackages into paper bags. Even lighter but more environmentally friendly as he doesn't have to "pack in pack out" - he just burns the packaging as he goes! Another simple idea.

No sweat about bags breaking or splitting if damp as they all go into the waterproof/mouse proof Zpacks cuben fiber Blast Food Bag

Thanks Hideo   


  1. I found some bags similar to these http://www.ifyoucare.com/product/snack-and-sandwich-bags, about a year ago and they have worked fairly well. They are a bit tougher than normal paper bags. I re-package most stuff, but occasionally I find that the original packaging does a much better job of keeping stuff fresh.


  2. Thanks Jason - I managed to find a supplier in NZ
    Have ordered a couple of boxes to try - will report back after QB Weekend trip - Rob

  3. I had heard of this before but it has never been tried by me. You have re-interested me and i will give it a try next time out. Thanks.


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