25 Sep 2013

The Grand Canyon

My hiking mate, Lee and I are off to hike and river raft the GC tomorrow. Pictures in two weeks or if the shit hits the fan it'll be news at 6 :-)

PS: I'll report on new gear - Mont Bell Tachyon Wind Jacket, the new Inov8 315s and Teva Barracuda sandals


  1. Wow. Good luck with that. I remember coming through this area and thinking "This is a place i would love to spend a summer". However i got bit to death with the sandflies and we got out of there fast. Good luck too with the 315's but they should be fine for rafting although i am a bit dubious about them on wet slab rock.

  2. Wow - Sandflies. I did checked this out and none reported? Maybe the time of year but I have the deet (not taking head net - that was a MUST on the JMT).
    I will be wearing Teva Barracuda sandals on raft and the new 315s in trail. Picking these up on Friday in FLG $US120 from Flagstaff Runners. An opportunity to buy another pair cheap and have them ready for when currents ones blow out. It's bloody cold at night their - going down to 0c!!!! But hot during day. Will photos on return. Or if the shit hits the fan, you'll see me on the 6pm News:-)

  3. It was October. We were staying in a motorhome and the windows were black with sandflies. I was so badly bit that the pharmacist let me have a tube of skin calm. We had to sign a book for it then but it may be available over the counter now. It would be prudent to get a small tube just in case.
    I'm sure you won't be on the news.


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