9 Oct 2013

River Rafting and Hiking the Upper Grand Canyon

Hi - Here are some shots of my GC trip - no rapid running photos as it was impossible to shoot these and hold on at the same time, plus water doesn't mix well with digital cameras!

We spent 7 days in the upper canyon. We were on the river 2 days when the US Govt shut down and closed all US parks so we had the whole GC to ourselves including the South Rim. When we got out it was like a ghost town.

Enjoy the all the pictures at: https://plus.google.com/photos/110150820322034133105/albums/5932255747553953025?banner=pwa

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  1. My apologies Rob. When i read you were rafting on the Grand Canyon i thought you meant here.
    No wonder you seemed in disbelief at my sandfly comment.
    Anyway. The pics are fantastic. And you can have a laugh now.


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