27 Feb 2014

Gear Research for PCT

Hi All - as you know I am a gear freak and really enjoying my research into my gear needs for the up and coming PCT section hike. Or for ANY hike :-) Let me mention a couple of must haves for the PCT.

Firstly, I have ordered the Suntactics Solar S5 Charger https://www.suntactics.com/product/usb-scharger-5

This CD size charger is getting rave reviews and charges your cell phone, GoPro, Head Torch with core pack etc. With Apps on iPhone you can have the works - GPS. maps, weather, email, music, journaling and more all on one lightweight appliance - so cool! Verizon has 70% coverage on the PCT.

Secondly the Spot Connect. At the size of a cigarette box and 140grams! It bridges the gap when you have no cell coverage and it connect your cell phone to satellite for total cell and App usage. The only issue is it only carries batteries - can't charge directly of the Suntactics charger above. So will need to get the Suntactics battery charger option - blast, a bit more weight!

Another cool feature of the Spot Connect is the blue tooth connection - no need to carry additional cords, not to mention the instant customised messaging system you can set before your hike, Check it out at http://www.findmespot.com/en/index.php?cid=116

Thirdly, the Sawyer mini water filter is the rage of the PCT hiking community. This incredibly lightweight weight filter is fabulous. Read and order it at http://sawyer.com/products/type/water-filtration/

Finally the Glif cell phone holder. Allows you to use your iPhone on a Pic Stick http://www.thestickpic.com/ to hold your camera or Gif attachment. This will allow you to shoot photos and video on your cell phone with a 360 vista without having anybody to hold the camera/phone.

You can be a solo movie maker and blog on the hike. With Spot Connect and a Suntactics power supply you can upload from your camp site. Only works if you use a walking pole. The Glif attachment to you Pic Stick to hold your mobile phone attachment is at http://www.studioneat.com/products/glif

The Pic Stick in itself will work for your normal camera and I have used this may times. The Glif adds the iPhone ability - do away with camera and have add feature with Apps on your phone!

I'm hooked!

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