3 Mar 2014

The Lightest Poop Scoop on the Planet

OK, to hell with the weight, I'm going "green".

In the early days my bush loo was a hole dug with the heel of my boot. Toilet stops became more "sophisticated" when I started using hiking poles. Now I could scrap a bigger indent. But at the end of the day these disposal techniques were rudimentary and not bush friendly!

Enter the titanium Cathole Scoop. At 17grams it's a small price to pay to ensure my waste gets a decent burial. I love their inclosed instruction of how to use and the benefits to making Poop Soup. A lot of info here that opened my bowels  err I mean eyes to how to best dispose of human waste in the outback.

Check out http://www.qiwiz.net/trowels.html

Here's a photo of my 18cm Big Dig model - can't wait to make Poop Soup!

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