30 Jul 2014

Wood Burning Stoves

I am not a great fan of wood burning stoves, but have a open mind. Brian Green's great blog site features a new product in this arena. Check it out at http://briangreen.net/2014/07/tato-element-makes-wood-burning-enjoyable.html
At 128 grams it could be worth thinking about if you were constantly outdoor-cooking with guaranteed wood supply. As an emergency kitchen it has merit, but if you carry a jetboil you need to carry a pot. Then one could argue, just light an open fire and hang the pot over it.
What do you think?


  1. I bought a wood burning stove but yet to use it. It was a gift for my sister but in the end she didn't want it. I envisage the advantage might be that when it's raining, you can go to a hut and use the small detritis found in the woodpile to cook with efficiently. It would work well in a open fireplace inside a hut. Probably not so cosy outside though in the rain. My stove can be used with the little meths burner too.

  2. I tried it but found it all a bit of a pain. I think they are OK if the climate is fair but with wet climes like the UK its better to use gas or alcohol. Just my opinion.


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