5 Sep 2014

Zpacks Sleeping Bag

It's finally arrived, my new Zpacks sleeping bag. I weighs in at 575 grams (in cuben stuff sack).

I had Joe make this in the longer length as these have no hood and with a beanie on I can also pull up above my head for extra warmth. It is stuffed with the new waterproof down and new pertex fabric cover.

There is an elastic cord to close bag around at the top,

See full details at http://www.zpacks.com/quilts/sleepingbag.shtml

The rating is -7c and from all reviews is true to rating. Labour W/E in Kaimanawa's will test this out!

My current bag, that I will still use for summer, is the Western Mountaineering HighLite - 455 grams. A great bag I have used for a few years now and rates +2c.

Joe recommends sleeping "zip under" after holding zip horizontally and shaking down so the bulk is on top of you


  1. Hi Rob. This zip under makes me think that it could cause damage to the sleeping mat. What do you think?

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