20 Nov 2014

Sleeping Mat Review

Came across this sleeping mat review that will be of interest to those contemplating a new lightweight mat. I'm pleased my Neo Ultra Lite rated best with this reviewer!


16 Nov 2014

Camp Footwear

Many lightweight trampers scorn camp footwear as unnecessary weight. Personally I love getting into camp and slipping off my tramping shoes to let my feet breath.

I have experimented with a number of sandals and thongs (even a fleeting moment with Crocs). My current choice is the Bedrock Gabbro Lite at just 116gm.

In colder conditions, or for sandfly protection, I team these up with toe socks - not the 5 toe variety, but the Japanese style with two pockets (big toe and rest of toes, sort of like a mitten). I found the basic toe sock was difficult to put on when my feet are damp (like after bathing).

To see the Bedrock range go to HERE

15 Nov 2014

Some Great Food Ideas

Tracy Tate posted these food ideas from her recently completed PCT hike. It is American based, but there are some great idea for lightweight Kiwi Tramper here - Enjoy

Rambling Hemlock: Food for the PCT