16 Nov 2014

Camp Footwear

Many lightweight trampers scorn camp footwear as unnecessary weight. Personally I love getting into camp and slipping off my tramping shoes to let my feet breath.

I have experimented with a number of sandals and thongs (even a fleeting moment with Crocs). My current choice is the Bedrock Gabbro Lite at just 116gm.

In colder conditions, or for sandfly protection, I team these up with toe socks - not the 5 toe variety, but the Japanese style with two pockets (big toe and rest of toes, sort of like a mitten). I found the basic toe sock was difficult to put on when my feet are damp (like after bathing).

To see the Bedrock range go to HERE


  1. I have become a fan of the Luna's, a similar sandal to the Bedrock and for camp shoes they are perfect. Less so is the 5 toe socks. Where did you get your Japanese (Tabi I think) socks?

  2. Nielsen - Re socks, my Japanese tramping buddy from ATC got these for me when he was recently back in Japan. I dare say you could Google and buy on web?

  3. Thanks, yeah thought of Google, but with size UK 12+ sizing seems to be a problem, but will keep searching.

  4. You could always take up knitting:-)
    You done the TGO? We have been accepted for 2015.

    1. Congratulations on the TGO, no never done it as a teacher cannot get enough time away. Doing sections of Coast to Coast Sweden instead.

  5. Great..!!

    I am simply amazed with that sandals which weighs only 116 gm. These kind of sandals are just appropriate for proper hiking or camping. I soon plan to buy them.

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  6. Coincidence James - just this morning I read in our local newspaper that an overseas hiker has just "run" our Te Araroa trail (length on NZ - 3000Kms) in these sandals accompanied by the owner of the company!


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