12 Dec 2014

Sleeping Bag

My go to bag is the Western Highlite at 445 grams and +2 c rating (it has hood)
Over the shoulder season I use my Zpacks 20 bag (-7c). This is a true warmth to weight bag, but with no hood. I ordered it in extra length so I can pull it over my face, but wearing a beanie to bed adds warms and protection.

I love this bag!!

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  1. I have been looking for a down bag/quilt and I must admit the Zpacks 20 has moved to the top of the list, especially with all the variations in sizing available.

  2. Nielsen - I have had about a half dozen bags over 40 years of tramping - this bag is the warmest for weight I have ever had. You can't go wrong here. tell Joe (Zpacks) Rob recommended you get this:-)

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