25 Jan 2015

Christmas 2014 - Canterbury Section of the TA Trail

Donald, Lynda, Kathy and I knocked off the Canterbury Section of the Te Araroa Trail. I started with a bad back and was fortunate enough to survive the first two sections from Cora Lynn car park through to the Ragitata River, albeit scoffing 'vitamin i' tabs all the way!

We had great weather except one day. Missing the Two Thumbs Range was a blow. Don, Kathy and Lynda went on. After I left at Potts Bridge they crossed the Rangitata OK. Their confidence boosted by meeting Carol and Matt who had just crossed. Brent drove in with our re-supply and to pick up Matt/Carol. I was very lucky in being able to get a ride through to ChCh airport with Matt.

I am sorry to report as of today, the back is no better and I have the ATC trip on Great Barrier to lead in two weeks!  


  1. Watch that ipubrofen (if that's what it was). It can leave you with terminal ileitis, leaky gut and at worst an autoimmune disease. This is common to all NSAID's in varying degrees.

  2. Hope you improve soon. In UK "they" recommend to keep moving even if its only short walks. They say it does better than resting it.

  3. Thanks Allan - If only I 'could move' - this is really depressing - I am off tramping Great Barrier Island this weekend. So another handful of 'vitamin i' in my pack - yes, Honora, warning heeded :-) Really concerned as I am fully booked/committed to the TGO Challenge in Scotland in May


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