7 Aug 2015

I'm 'Back', well Partially

Hi to you all.

I have been away for awhile - no, not in prison :-)

My back finally threw a wobbly after years of wear and tear and after much medical consultation the decision was made to operate.

I am now eight weeks post operative and going great. No more pain in the legs etc and I am 3 inches taller as I can now walk upright again.

I had a L3/4 decompression and fusion with bone graft and benign cyst removed that was also pressing on nerves. 5 hour operation.

I am back walking and averaging about 7 Ks every two days. I did my first day tramp last Saturday. It was the small section of the TA Trail between Albert Town and Wanaka, about 12Ks that I knocked of in 2 hours 15. Pulled up well and no after effects.

I expect to be back into the hills proper end November. As I now live in Wanaka (paradise!) I am planning a lot of trips over summer around this area.

PS: I hope they used titanium for the rods and screws - I don't want to be carrying around too much extra weight :-)


  1. Great news to hear your “Back”. Wanaka is simply a stunning place to live. I’m very envious. My sister and brother in law moved to NZ on Wednesday for good. They are house sitting near Mount Manganui until January and then they will way up their options. Retirement has its compensations.

  2. The Mount is also a great place to live (Nelson would be my second pick).
    Hmmmm - I am not retired, yet!

  3. Sorry Rob, i meant them not you. I think i prefer Nelson to the Mount.


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