5 Oct 2015

Rob's Progress

Hi Guys - I feel so guilty about my lack of interesting input on gear and trip reviews - my passion.

As you all know I have had major back surgery. Quite depressing for an active guy!

Anyhow, I am now 4 month post op and seeing the surgeon next week in AKL for 'sign off'

I am walking about 7 to 8 Ks every second day and pain free although I get a bit of tiredness (muscle fatigue) in the back. Looking forward to doing some gym and yoga work.

I am planning hitting the hills over labour w/e and with my tramping mate Lee McKay (no relation) first week of Dec.

Also doing the Motatapu over Xmas with a few ATC stalwarts. May be continuing on to the Greenstone?

Although not gear testing over the last 12 months, I am always active in the lightweight gear blogs, so feel free to contact me for any suggestions on how to tramp light weight and where to buy best lightweight gear for NZ tramping


  1. Don’t overdo it Rob. Little by little.

  2. Bloody hard to do!!!!!!!

    I am like a caged rabbit - and there are plenty of them in Wanaka!!!!!

  3. Hi Rob! It's Moss from followmoss.com. Wasn't sure how to get signed in. I hope your recovery is going well. No need to feel guilty for stepping back from the posts. It's important to attend to the life in front of you. I would love to stop by on my way down the trail. Are you based in Auckland?

  4. Love to be your 'Trail Angel' in Wanaka (or general help in NZ). I now live here full-time. Left AKL about 6 months ago. However, you will walk passed my old house on Milford Beach - email me at rob@assess.co.nz and I will pass on private contact details

  5. Sorry to know about your recent surgery. Hope you are doing well now. For tramping lovers, light weight gears are always a point to think about. But in winter season, if you planning to go for a hiking, its difficult to have your gear setup light. Many things you must take in your bag is heavy to carry including good quality winter ski jackets, sufficient sleeping pad and etc. Its easy to go light weight during the tramps in summer season.


Hey, thanks for you contribution - I monitor my blog weekly. I will reply with comments, ideas and suggestions ASAP - In the meantime, remember, hiking is an outdoors experience to enjoy, not an army boot camp training exercise!!