13 Dec 2015

16cm Carbon Fiber Tent Stakes

These tent stakes are made with a Carbon Fiber shaft with a metal tip and metal end cap. 
The individual weight is 6grams - I pack 8 into a cuben fiber stake sack for all up weight of 52grams. 

The thick diameter allows them to grip the ground better than the thin titanium. These stakes are excellent in loose soil, and they have also proven to be very functional in typical dirt.

Because of the thick diameter they can be harder to drive into compacted ground. Never hammer these in. Hold your foot in both hands for stability and press the stakes into the ground at an angle. If you can't press them into the ground all the way, anchor them with rocks.

Joe at Zpacks also reports these stakes are 'Airplane Safe'. Never thought of this benefit. Joe says they have carried these stakes through US airport security a dozen times with no issues as they are not particularly pointy.

Cost is $US3.50 each - stake stuff sack $US5.45 - go to Zpacks accessory page 

12 Dec 2015

Mt Brewster - A Weekend Tramp

Last weekend my good tramping buddy, Lee McKay came down from Auckland for a breath of fresh South Island air and to give my new 'bionic' back and general fitness a workout in the hills.

See more on Trips Report page

Mt Brewster Hut - Mt Brewster i background

8 Dec 2015


I was given a sample pack of this full replacement sports meal to try.

What a wonderful product at 85 grams a meal. But, the taste is less than desirable. Reminded me of Farax baby food (if you know that NZ taste you are too old to hike :-)

My friend John Abela has written a great post on this product. I agree with his prognosis, my negative is the taste.

Log on here for review http://hikelighter.com/2015/12/05/ambronite-a-hikers-thoughts/