25 Jan 2016

Altra Lone Peak 2.5 Shoes

I am off to USA for a conference in two weeks. This is a great time to buy ultra lightweight gear and get delivered to my hotel. Only two item on my list. A replacement pair of Lone Peaks (new 2.5 model). I love these shoes, all-time favourites (and I have had a few shoes over the years!). These are like tramping in slippers! I love the wide toe box and zero drop - With my reconstructed back, I am sure it helps (or encourages me) to walk more upright.

You can check these out at Altra's website

Oh, and yes, the other item. A Tenkara fishing rod - Fresh trout on a tramping trip appeals. This is an ancient way of Japanese fishing that is taking the hiking community is the USA by storm. Lightweigh and simple, so I want to try it. Check it out at Tenkara Bum  


  1. They look good shoes and sometimes you can find them in the UK. I suffer from sore Achilles tendons, do you think zero drop will make it worse?

    1. I'm no podiatrist, but suggest you pose that question to the Altra team in USA - https://www.altrarunning.com/contact-us

      You could also use live chat - top menu

      Let me know results - Cheers Rob

  2. Hi Rob,
    Altra contacted and reply from Jason suggests that after a couple of weeks where the feeling will be weird the zero drop should help.

  3. One of the finest tramping meals I ever had was fresh trout wrapped in tinfoil cooked in fire embers on a CUTC trip. Beautiful! I will be investigating the fishing rod you mentioned.


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