27 Feb 2016

The Te Araroa Trail

It's arrived. The new 'coffee table' photo expose of the TA Trail.

What a stunning book! Mark has done an excellent job at capturing trail shots from different vistas than we normally see. I have include photos of the cover, plus a couple of internal page shots to give you an idea of the format.

Altra Lone Peak 2.5

In previous posts I have waxed lyrically about these wonderful shoes. Well, I have finally worn out my current pair, the Lone Peak 2 version (see previous post of some handy in field repair work).

My recent trip to the USA offered a perfect opportunity to purchase replacements. The 2.5 version certainly seems a bit more robust. Here are some shots straight out of the box. I did wear them everyday in the USA as we were doing a lot of street walking. So comfy!

I could resist including a shot of me modelling the Altras at the original 'Welcome to Las Vegas' sign.


2 Feb 2016

Sun Protection Arm Sleeves

A couple of week's ago I wrote a review on the OR Sun Gloves. From this review, several people alerted me to sun sleeves. I think if you hike in a long sleeve shirt, the gloves suffice. But if you're a T shirt hiker, these sleeves would be great on sunny days with, say suntan lotion on back of hands.

SParms are made from 90% Meryl Microfibre and 10% spandex. UV 50+, cool and quick dry and antibacterial. They were developed for golfers and many of the Ladies PGA players use them.

I know, you want to know the weight - how does 35 grams grab you?

These come on large, medium and small sizes, standard and extra long, plus colours. I got medium and extra long as my Icebreaker T shirt has short sleeves. There is quiet a lot of stretch, so you need to take that into account. This photo shows how far up my arm the extra long goes.

The cost was $A29.95, including postage $A37.23.

The website is http://www.sparms.com.au/