9 Jun 2016

Carry Less, Visually Check Gear in Total

Last night I had the pleasure of giving a 'lightweight gear talk' to the members of the Upper Clutha Tramping Club. I took along most of my gear for members to view. One of my first suggestions was to buy scales, weigh all current gear and start up a spread sheet.

This week's Backpacking Light blog post from Ryan Jordan reminded me of another suggestion. He said, "One of the most effective ways to see how much unnecessary crap makes its way into your pack is to lay it out in a small space so you can see it all at a glance. When everything is visible, it's easier to evaluate whether or not you need it than by just looking at a gear list or spreadsheet.

I usually do this on the bed in the spare room a few days before a trip, frequently wandering in to make adjustments. 
Try it. It may help to get more weight down.

Remember, you are an adventure in paradise, not a pack horse!

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