8 Jun 2016

Helinox Walking Poles

I have posted in the past how great these poles are. I have tried many poles over the years and it's difficult to find ultralight collapsible poles that have a degree of strength. In ultralight gear, there is always a compromise between these two continuum's.  

Helinox poles have proven to be a good balance over the last couple of years and I have only had one breakage. This happened a couple of weekends ago on an overnight trip. The track (if you could call it that!) was muddy and slippery. I was coming off a drop and slipped. I used my right pole to break my fall and fell on heavily. braking the lower section.

I contact Helonix in Australia to ask if they provided spare sections and at what cost. To my utter surprise they replied with, 'yes, we have shipped one to you at no cost'. Covered 'under warranty' they said!

Is this customer service, will I be screaming their praises from the roof tops (and my blog), yes!

10 out of 10 Helinox - I hope you can feel the love all way from Wanaka NZ :-)

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