1 Aug 2016

Yak Wool Hiking Clothes

A few weeks back I posted a blog about Kora, a company that manufactures hiking clothing made out of Yak Wool. They make some pretty bold claims, that if proven true by consumers, could give icebreaker a run for their money. But speaking of money, they are very expensive!

I live in Icebreakers 150 half zip tops (got three of them!). I think winter down here in Wanaka could be a good testing ground to checkout Kora's 230 weight - same design as Icebreaker. Here's a picture.

As usual they are using a model build like very few of their customers! This makes it difficult to understand fit. I mean is this a pic of a muscle man in size small? Plus they do not state and weights .

To check out their site go to https://hikelighter.com/2016/07/31/kora-shola-230-zip-top/

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