28 Sep 2016

Drymax Socks

I love these socks!

These socks are designed for trail runners. In fact Drymax has a complete range of socks for all usages - office to off track.

This is my third pair. I use to have to buy from the USA, but shoe Science in NZ are now stockist. Quite expensive though, but when you add exchange rate and postage it is pretty comparable.

I love the way they keep your feet sweat free. When worn with my trail running shoes, like my Altra Lone Peak 2.5 - I recently wore out my Altra Lone Peak 2 - They are now on to version 3 - https://www.altrarunning.com/men/lone-peak-3-neoshell-lowhttps://www.altrarunning.com/men/lone-peak-3-neoshell-low  - I found total comfort, even with river crossings.

These socks dried out quickly and have great cushioning whilst not being overly hot in summer tramping conditions. I recently wore them on the Larapinta trail where day temperatures on the last couple of days got up to 32 degrees. No sweat, no stink and blister free!  

There is also the ability to wear 3/4 or turn down to ankle socks as photo shos

You can check out the specs at NZ at Shoe Science and buy on line (as I did). Go to https://www.shoeclinic.co.nz/product-55d4be268ca77327147c52fa


  1. Never heard of those socks before.

    btw, i just ordered a pair (my first) of the long peak last week. found a pair of the 2.5 on amazon for about 1/3rd the regular price. huge freaking toe box, which is awesome.

    went through four pair of the hoka one one speedgoat in 9 months. awesome shoes, but at $140 bucks a pop, times 4, in 9 months, yeah, out of control. hopefully these LP2.5 will last longer!

  2. Hi John - I find it hard to believe that you have never heard of these socks before? They are all over the blogs and forums for thru hikers in the USA.
    You'll love the Lone Peaks! Just like any lightweight trail shoe they will probably wear out just as quick as your current ones. The wide toe box and zero drop heal are the differentiating factors


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