2 Oct 2016

Looking for a New Backpack?

'Erik the Black' is an American thru hiker. He is best respected as a publisher of lightweight hiking guides for the major US trails (we used his John Muir Trail guide - really good!).

His blog is very informative, although I don't really rate him as ultralight. Having said this, his new blog post demonstrates his unbelievable attention to research and detail.

In his latest post, http://blackwoodspress.com/blog/28703/ultimate-guide-lightweight-backpacks/
Erik lists every backpack available (If he has missed any, email him).

He ranks his list heaviest to lightest and within three capacity groups - large, medium and small (I like that). He also provides a clickable link to each manufacture's site.

Well done Erik! A fabulous one-stop shop for a backpack.

Tip, scroll to the bottom first and work your way up. The weights are in pounds. Concentrate first on packs under 2 lbs.


  1. Any list like this which doesn't include Aarn's BodyPacks really hasn't tried hard enough in my opinion.

    A super light pack is not necessarily more efficient, if that lightness does not translate into a form which works with the way the human body works. Bio-mechanical efficiency is a key factor so frequently overlooked.

    And he'll even make one in Cuben if you really want.

  2. Hi Philip - I hear you re bio-mechanics and know these packs well. I have two tramping friends who swear by them (both completed TA Trail with them) and they carry heavy loads! That may be the point of difference?

    I am constantly in the 6 to 10 kg range. Even in cuben fiber the Aaarn would be double my naked pack weight.

    Personally, I couldn't stand those breast pockets. I guess its horses for courses.

    I suggest you make a comment on Erik's blog, he has invited that re the list.


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