9 Feb 2017

Altra Lone Peak 3 - Shoes

Those of you who check into this blog regularly will know I am a big fan of Altra Lone Peak shoes. They are soooooo comfortable and light (680gram the pair) and I love the wide toe box, just like wearing slippers!

I have worn out the first iteration of these great hiking/trail running shoes. They were the Lone Peak 2's. And my Lone Peak 2.5's have had some great use over the last couple of years. Still more wear in them yet.

However, I recently had the opportunity to get the new model (Lone Peak 3) from the US and jumped at the chance. Like my wife always says, you can never have too many shoes :-)

There is a big improvement in this model - stronger, solid rim on outer foot - other models wore out here first as the mesh upper went to the sole and got cut up a lot from scree and general rubbing on rocks and scrub (see pictures elsewhere in this blog of repair job done on my Lone Peak 2's). The sole, whilst still a zero drop heel, is more spongy. The wide toe box remains but does not look so pronounced.

And did I mention the tread. As in past models, there is little change here and I can attest, these baby's stick to the trail like dog shit on a joggers gym boot :-) Especially going down hill if trail is a bit wet.

The cost was $US120. I normally take size 9UK (10US). As with the other models, I went up half a size to allow for swelling during long multi day tramps. These fit really well at a half size up  and I suggest you do the same.

You can checkout Altra's website HERE. You can buy in NZ - here are the RETAILERS

But do a price comparison with Zappos in the US and I suggest you use NZ You Post for shipping ($US30).

Here's some pictures:



  1. I got a pair of the 2.5 middle of last year, my first pair of these Lone Peak series. Very much enjoying them. A bit stiff though, when compared to comparable shoes from Hoka. Was interesting to see you write that they are more spongy. Could almost make me pick up the 3.0 just for that.

    1. Hi John - Understand - I have never tried Hoka, but I can see the sole is thicker. Remember, the point of difference with Altra is the 'Zero Drop' heel, so if you are a 'heel toe' walker you may take a time to adjust. But I find the ball of the foot is very spongy. I'm a toe walker. They called me 'bouncy' when I was a school kid!
      Also have a look at the Olympus model. This shoe is more for walking and the sole seems thicker? Altra website explains. (see my comments below)

  2. What is your opinion of the Ultra Olympus 2.0 shoes? They read as maybe a better option for hiking, especially on harder terrain.

  3. Hi Wayne - thanks for dropping by. I can't comment on Olympus - never worn. I do note Altra recommend them as a 'hiking' shoe. Probably heavier?
    Do some deeper research within the ultra lightweight hiking community to see if you pick up reviews.
    Altra are a great brand and the new leader in the trail running space, so I don't think you could go wrong.
    Sorry I can't be more constructive.


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