22 Feb 2017

No more getting out of the tent on those cold or rainy nights - Portable Urinal Collector

I run across many interesting items of hiking equipment. This one goes one better than the SheWee (designed for women to pee standing up).

My tramping buddy, introduced me to this product as the panacea to having to climb over me in the middle of the night to get out for a pee. Personally, I would prefer him to do that than use this piece of equipment in my presence :-)

It certainly is a great invention if you (male or female) hate having to get out of that nice warm sleeping bag (especially if it is cold and raining outside) for a pee. I am not too sure about hut use though. The sound of trickling water within ones sleeping bag could cause some raised eyebrows :-)

At 52gm you may be tempted to throw it in the pack. As I said to my friend, it only takes a few of these little luxuries to add another half a Kg to your pack. As I say in my 'Beginners' page, going lightweight has compromises. You either choose bathe in luxury in camp, but struggle on the trail (heavy pack). Or, glide effortlessly along the trail, but rough it a bit in camp (light pack). It's an individual choice. No guessing my preference!

Personally, I will forego this luxury and avoid drinking too much liquid before turning in.

Check out this personal urinal storage at:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzcjB07KOs4


  1. I liked this so much I went online to purchase, but the security certs for the website couldn't be verified I decided against. my empty sports drink container will have to suffice :(

    1. Don - that is common - depends on your computer settings - If you trust the site (and you can), just accept it when certificate alert pops up


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